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Koi Fish For Sale - When a Pair is Better Than a Whole

What are the best kinds of Koi for sale? There is a massive selection of Koi varieties that are now available to collectors and breeders. The word "koi" originally means "carp" in Japanese, but today it is commonly used to refer to any variety of ornamental pond fish. The original intent was not to use Koi to refer to fish with scales on their bodies, but now that is the common use. This may also be the reason why Koi have become so popular as a breed: they look good as an ornamental pond fish with their distinct color patterns.

When considering what kinds of Koi fish for sale are available, keep in mind that you want to purchase a high-quality lionhead goldfish. Some of the leading companies offer exclusively raised Koi from a single source, maintaining all the integrity of the breed with every breeding. You will not find this at your local pet store or discount center. At these places, they will sell you a high quantity of inferior fish that were bred with no care and attention to the genetics of the species.

There are several advantages to purchasing a well-established and quality koi from a Koi farm. For starters, a Koi farm raises all of its fish on a consistent basis, allowing the farmers to know which fish are genetically pure and capable of producing the highest quality fish. This also allows them to produce a wide variety of beautiful color patterns, such as the brilliant blue and diamond patterns popular among collectors. The small koi farms are also more sustainable, since they do not require the use of dangerous chemicals or pesticides to insure the health and survival of the fish.

One of the most popular Koi varieties for sale today is the four.5 inch, or "Hikarimonji", variety. These are actually a hybrid cross between the common carp and the common goldfish. Because of their beauty and size, they are also often offered as a single, with the breeder promising large payouts for everyone who wants one of these beautiful fish.

These beautiful single fish are offered in many colors: from a vibrant red, pink, orange, or white to a soft silver, or even a cream color. Many people who buy the hikarimonji as a single are drawn to the color combination of cream and silver, thus becoming the new collector's dream. Many of these beautiful, unique fish are kept by private collectors as a single because of the extreme value placed on this type of fish.

If you decide to make a Koi purchase as a single, it pays to educate yourself about the care that these beautiful fish need before purchasing them. There are several types of care that can be done to make sure that each individual fish has a happy, healthy life. For example, keeping your hikarimonji, or butterfly koi, as a single has several benefits; for example, the time it takes to raise a single is much less than that it takes to raise two or more fish at once. No matter what Koi variety you are looking to purchase, from the highly sought after red, silver, orange, or black to the inexpensive yet amazingly gorgeous yamabuki, hikarimuji, or butterfly koi, for sale, you will have a wide selection of beautiful fish to choose from at any time during the year. Check out this post to get more info on the topic:

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